Shareholders & Capital Structure

Capital Structure

Securities on issueNumber
Fully paid ordinary shares84,566,126
Unlisted options3,500,000 @ $0.25 on or before 30/11/2024
Unlisted performance rights2,300,000

Top 20 Shareholders

as at 08-May-2023

RankShareholderShares% Ownership
1Deering Nominees Pty Ltd21,499,848 25.42%
2Meadowhead Investments Pty Ltd19,997,431 23.65%
3Aguibou Bah3,781,3584.47%
4 Nabla Global Limited 2,354,9082.78%
5Sl Jackson Contracting Pty Ltd 1,819,8462.15%
6Kwan Pek Loy1,708,140 2.02%
7Tomanovic Multiown Pty Ltd 1,700,000 2.01%
8Sharon Lim1,512,641 1.79%
9Meadowhead Investments Pty Ltd 1,392,6771.65%
10David Wong Fut Joon 1,313,1501.55%
11Bruce Stainforth 1,224,5531.45%
12Kuan Pek Woon 1,198,2031.42%
13Yong Poh Wai 1,178,2861.39%
14Stephen Lee Jackson1,086,288 1.28%
15P & J Buttigieg Nominees Pty Ltd 1,000,0001.18%
16P & D Super Australia Pty Ltd 983,6841.16%
17Mr Paul Donald Fechney 668,4910.79%
18Fgi Holdings Pty Ltd 666,6670.79%
19Chong Mee Fah 650,1540.77%
20Mr David Ariti 622,3790.74%
Total Top 2066,358,704 78.47%
Total Company84,566,126 100%
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